mercredi 17 août 2011

Corner view - "Tiny" (Minuscule)

Voici le plus minuscule de nos habitants.

Il est tout petit, même dans les mains d'un tout petit.

He is just tiny, even in the hands of another tiny one.

Le voyez-vous?

Can you see him?

Le Corner view, c'est un projet de Jane qu'on retrouve pour l'instant sur le blog de Francesca. L'idée est de lancer une thématique chaque mercredi et ceux qui sont inspirés offrent leur "vue" depuis leur "petit coin du monde". Merci Nadine pour la thématique d'aujourd'hui!

15 commentaires:

  1. Je le vois... et je connais aussi des petites mains qui aimeraient beaucoup jouer avec ;)

    Une coccinelle sur les lunettes... du bonheur à venir et présent !!!

  2. Oui, je le vois aussi!
    Poor little thing he's lost his back legs, but very cute though and obviously still beloved!

  3. How cute! A tiny reproduction of a tiny dog!
    I had to peer very close and hard but I found it! I love your book case set-up!

  4. Quite tiny, though I think my littlest beer stein might be tinier. Very, very cute.

  5. oh yes he is tiny and i can't find him on the last pic.

  6. I see him. I also spied the tiny houses on the top shelf. I'd like a better look at those.

  7. he is the tiniest dog I have seen. Because I am a dog lover I did spot him on your shelve. :) xo

  8. strange thing.
    i like domestic animals only, when they come in tiny form. i mean, literally. lifelessly tiny. so one can take it between fingers and admire.
    so i can only ADORE your dashhund. (if that's what it is, oh, and i really wanted to write down the word dashhund. i find the sound of it.. dashing!)
    seriously? school frantics? don't you love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils?
    oh! i'm seeing what you mean..
    YOU want to go back to school? ;)

  9. I see you set up your new pieces of furniture, it looks great!

  10. Oh so sweet! That would end up going up the hoover in my house if the kids got hold of it!