mercredi 31 août 2011

Corner view - "Change"

L'été touche doucement à sa fin...
 Summer is nearly gone...

Notre petit l'a commencé d'un pas hésitant...
Our little boy started it toddling...

Et le voilà aujourd'hui prêt à piquer le vélo d'un grand!
 And here he comes ready to scrounge the bike of a big boy!

C'est vraiment ça, le grand changement de l'été pour moi! 


That's definitly the big change of this summer for me!

Le Corner view, c'est un projet de Jane qu'on retrouve pour l'instant sur le blog de Francesca. L'idée est de lancer une thématique chaque mercredi et ceux qui sont inspirés offrent leur "vue" depuis leur "petit coin du monde". Merci Joyce pour la thématique d'aujourd'hui!

18 commentaires:

  1. he's walking - so now you're trotting after him! :)

  2. Changement me fait aussi penser aux enfants, qui sont une parfaite illustration de ceux que l'on peut connaître tout au long de la vie... Quant aux saisons - et au "rythme" qu'elles nous donnent - j'aime assez à penser à l'idée du cycle vie mort renaissance ;)
    Un beau CV !

  3. I think our children make us realize change is always happening.

  4. Sweet little boy! Children are always new experiences change - they are small, then there are frequent changes. There's so much great.

  5. The next really big change is more subtle. Suddenly you realize that it doesn't take constant attention to keep them out of trouble. Suddenly you find the kid walking next to you in the street without running away...

  6. Today is the first day I noticed gettng up so early to go to the gym it is dark outside. Yes summer is almost over. xo

  7. This is a change that will keep you on your toes.
    They are fast and willful aren't they?

  8. Children keep changing every day! Always on the run to gain new skills!

  9. Nice sense of change across a season!

  10. eh eh eh...on se met debout chez moi change la vie de toute la famille....

  11. Oh yes! And now the fun begins!

  12. Some of my favorite change times!

  13. some change, sophie! just yesterday i was thinking and talking about the grand event, when babies start walking, and look here you've been at it too...
    wait, now it's running, is it? ;)

    ha ha. deus fan? is it coming out the 19th? thank you for the info. i'm hearing bits on the radio, but i seem to grow out of music a lot these days. that is a change for me, still loving that music to bits, but somehow more referring to what's gone by (and was jolly good) than painstakingly awaiting new albums... probably growing into a soggy bottom myself... ha ha ha...

    that other date of course...
    that date of yours now...


  14. Wow! He has grown and now stands tall! Isn't it so awesome to watch them change--God's miracle on a daily basis!
    Love his curly hair! Wait to you have to chase him everywhere!:>)

  15. ha ha. he'll be "borrowing" that bike in no time ;)

  16. before you know it he will be on that bike, they change soo fast :)