mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Corner view - "Seeing through the eyes of a child" (voir avec des yeux d'enfant)

("non virginal english" version below)

Le Corner view, c'est un projet de Jane qu'on retrouve pour l'instant sur le blog de Francesca. L'idée est de lancer une thématique chaque mercredi et ceux qui sont inspirés offrent leur "vue" depuis leur "petit coin du monde".

Depuis seize mois, je regarde mon enfant et me demande comment il voit, lui, ce qui l'entoure. A force de surveiller, faire attention, anticiper, encadrer, accompagner, j'ai du mal à voir le monde avec mes yeux d'enfant. Par contre, je commence (comme toutes les mamans) à exceller dans l'art de repérer en un clin d'oeil ce qui attire les yeux d'un petit prêt à faire des bêtises : un cable qui pend, un ordinateur trop près du bord de la table, un lave-vaisselle ouvert... Et puis, lui, il se laisse guider par ce qui accroche son regard: les livres des parents (qui sont heureusement encore trop lourds pour lui*, donc pas encore maltraités), ses bacs à jouets, ou n'importe quoi qui lui permet de voir à travers.

Et vous? Vous avez gardé vos yeux d'enfants (ou vous les avez retrouvés)?

* Je vous recommande la bande dessinée de l'Argentin Quino "Esto no es todo" ("Ceci n'est pas tout"): de l'humour bien cynique, des dessins sans texte donc pas besoin de chercher une traduction! 

It is 16 months that I am looking at my child and wondering how he sees what surrounds him. Due to controlling, paying attention, anticipating, matching, accompanying, I have difficulties to see the world through my own child’s eyes. On the contrary, I start (like all mothers) to be expert in seeing in a second what appeals a child ready to get in troubles in the room : a hanging cable, a laptop on the edge of the table, an open dishwasher… And then, he lets himself go to what sticks to his eyes : his parents’ books (fortunately still too heavy for him), his toys boxes, or whatever allows him to see through.

And you ? Do you still see through your own child’s eyes ?

* I recommand the Argentinan Quino’s comics "Esto no es todo" ("This is not all") : good cynical sense of humour, comics without text so no need to look for a translation!

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  1. drache nationale calling! with a little bit of luck it will truely be raining cats and dogs. olé to that!
    and am i seeing the world through the eyes of my child? afraid it don't work no more over this end... i mean. i don't mind looking in, the 19-year-old quickly rolls eyes, and off and away i am...
    i don't half miss those precious moments, like you so describe.... ;)))

  2. I learned very quickly with my first that everything that was forbidden was much more appealing.

  3. I don't, but I remember when all small or dangerous things were place on the top shelves :)

  4. He is lovely - and the joy of discovery is as great at that age. I used to be always happy, what my daughter has seen it all.

  5. I love the view through the collander. Priceless!

  6. He must keep you on your toes as he discovers all around him. Everyday must is a new adventure for him, in the simple things we take for granted. He is a cutie! xo

  7. Oh, I know what you mean, EVERYTHING looks like some potential booby trap.

  8. That's what it's all about, bringing these two perspectives together: the world seen through child's eyes and the foresight of a grown-up.

  9. I especially love the shot through the colander from the kid's persepctive.

  10. it's exhausting sometimes to always try to be anticipating what our kids are seeing and thinking and then wanting to do....yes I'm still seeing the world through my 2, 7 and 10 year olds eyes!!

  11. I can still see their world through my watchful adult eyes, but more often then not I focus on the danger and not on the wonder.

  12. It's even scarier for a grandmother.
    "Grandma, why can't I climb that to the top? (a climber thingy at the playground)
    "Because I don't want to have to pick you up off the ground and take you to the ER." (She's 4).
    The 2 yr old and 5 month old make me the most nervous as far as safety in the house.
    The 4 & 6 yr. olds don't look before crossing a road! Ai yi yi! Of course their eyes don't see the car because they aren't looking!
    But it's fun to see them take something like a strainer and have fun with it.
    My grandkids' favorite toys in the bath tub are my measuring cups. Forget the boats and such--bring on Grandma's measuring cups and spoons!
    I really liked the photo of your child playing with the strainer. :)

  13. comme le dit france gall:" évidemment..,évidemment..on rit encore pour des bêtises comme des enfants...mais plus comme avant".
    oui on les a toujours ou on les retrouve...mais est-ce bien comme avant?

  14. Looking through the eyes as a child and if you look back as a grown up...what a different world!! I like the foto shots you took!!

  15. I find that I don't really need to go back in time - the child inside is still there, and I am fortunate to have a creative bunch of kids willing to share their views with me anytime. Like the colander shot!